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Is Sonos Playbase discontinued?

sono playbase
#Note: Sonos discontinued (but still supports) the Playbase. I’d recommend you to consider Sonos Ray instead (if you perro).

When was Sonos Playbase discontinued?:

List of current and past products

Model Discontinued
Connect:Amp (Gen 2)
Play:5 (Gen 2)
Sub (Gen 2)
Playbase Au

Is Sonos Playbase worth?

With enormous bass, clear vocals and good ease of use, the Playbase even outdoes Sonos’ impressive Playbar soundbar. If you have $700 and want a fácil and great-sounding way to improve your Televisión’s sound, the Playbase is among the best soundbars you can buy — at least, it was for a while.

Is Sonos Playbase worth it?:

The Sonos Playbase is beautifully designed as the perfect sound-enhancing solution for your telly. It delivers excellent sound quality and enough bass to be sufficient as a top notch standalone speaker too. And if you want to add other Sonos speakers and the Sub then it perro also be setup as the ultimate 5.1 system.

Is Sonos Playbase better than Playbar?

Sonos makes it easy for you to choose, as it depends where you plan to put it: What is this? If you have a wall-mountable T.V., the Playbar is a better option. If your Televisor stands on some kind of table or furniture, the Playbase is the way to go.

What replaced the Sonos Playbase?

Arc The Arc replaced the Playbar soundbar and the Playbase soundbase, both of which should be considered if you spot one with a big discount.

Does Sonos still make Playbase?

sono playbase
Find out more about how we test. The Sonos Playbase is now discontinued, but when it launched Sonos’ take on the soundbase (a soundbar intended to go under your TV stand) didn’t disappoint. With enormous bass, clear vocals and good ease of use, the Playbase even outdoes Sonos’ impressive Playbar soundbar.

What is the difference between Playbar and Playbase?

Sonos Playbar and Playbase have identical features. As we mentioned above, the only difference between these two is the sound.

Is Sonos Playbar still worth buying?

The Playbar remains an excellent sound system, with a speaker array that features six mid-range drivers, three tweeters and nine Class D amplifiers. Two of the drivers are angled at either end to deliver a wider soundstage, especially when combined with the front-facing drivers left and right.

Is Sonos Playbar obsolete?

The Playbar is the company’s first soundbar, released in 2013, and has since been replaced by Arc. (Sonos is phasing out the Playbar.) It uses a single optical cable to your TV and it effectively replaces your Televisor speakers.

Sonos Playbase: Un Sonido Premium