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What can I use if I don’t have a pull-up bar?

You can either use a couple of sturdy hand towels or washcloths. Tie an overhand knot in the corner of both towels, which will be used as your anchor. Then place these knots over a door and close it. Make sure the knots are secure before you start doing your pull-ups.

What is an alternative to a pull-up machine?

Chest-Supported Lat Pulldown. The chest-supported lat pulldown is an excellent substitute for pull-ups. It trains your lats and biceps bilaterally (i.e., you train both sides at the same time). You will need to set this exercise up with an adjustable free-weight bench and a lat pulldown or cable pulley machine.

What can I use instead of a pull-up bar?

pull-up alternative no-bar
5 No-Bar Pull-Up Alternatives

  • Towel Rows. Combining a towel with a back-boosting exercise is sure to give you a ripped back.
  • Lat Pulldowns. If you want to objetivo the latissimus dorsi, lat pulldowns can’t be beat.
  • Bodyweight Row.
  • Renegade Row.
  • Bridge Push-Ups.

What machine can replace pull-ups?

The cable machine is a versatile, go-to piece of equipment for almost any upper body exercise, and it’s one of many great pull-up substitutes. To work the latissimus dorsi — that is, the group of back muscles used when doing a pull-up — try doing pull-downs on the cable machine.

How can I do pull-ups without a machine?

pull-up alternative no-bar
Pull-up Alternative #1: Doorway Rows

  1. Stand in front of your doorway and grab both sides.
  2. Place your feet a little closer to the doorway, so you’re leaning back.
  3. Sit back so you put weight on your arms.
  4. Pull yourself forward.

What exercise is better than pull-ups?

That title belongs to the Horizontal Pull. Horizontal Pulls include any exercise where you perform a rowing movement horizontally (Pull-Ups are considered a vertical pull). They include Single-Arm Rows and Inverted Rows, which develop the major back muscles—your lats, traps and rhomboids.

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